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Welding Tables

Providing you the best range of arc welding table with positoner and gas welding table with effective & timely delivery.
ARC Welding Table With Positoner

ARC Welding Table With Positoner

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Width1200 mm
Height750 mm
Length1200 mm
Welding fume/ Dust Extraction TableWith cartridge filter, automatic Filter Cleaning System with timer Controller and Control PanelClamping and holding Kit to be provided for Positioning the jobs as below for welding
  • Square tube Framing
  • Round Tube Framing
  • I-Beam Framing
  • Sheet metal box
  • Plates for welding in Lap Joint, butt joint and T-joint Position

  • Welding Table should be with 16 mm holes in GRID pattern, suitable for dimensional Fixture for holding jobs.
  • There are number of holes of Diameter 16 mmmin grid fromof 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Welding Table should bel made up of high quality Material and with Precise finish on the TOP.
  • Welding table must be latest with easy to use Modular fixturing System
  • Welding table must be supplied with modular jigs and fixtures for welding of different jobs
  • Suitable for holding and Positioning Diffrent types of welding jobs, using wide range of clamping accessories.
  • It must be highly accurate system to HOLD the JOB and Fix its position for welding.
  • After welding. the JOB should be removed easily and fast in order to replace the new job.
  • welding Table with holding Accessories is used for faster in order to replace the new job.
  • Welding Table with holding Accessories is used for faster, easier, efficient, accurate production line.
  • Accessoies are quickly changeable so it reduces the SET up time of the JOB for welding.
  • Tool box with door to keep all the items of this Table to be Provided below the table top.
  • ARC Welding Table is of Heavy duty m.s Structure with angle 35 x 35 x 5 mm
  • Welding Table top is made of high Grade Thck M.s Material with 16 mm holes in grid Pattern of 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Welding Table is provided with suitable GTAW, GMAW welding gun holder.
  • Welding table is with suitable KIT of JIGs / Fixtures/ clamps for clamping the job as required for welding.
  • To make Different types of welding jobs a KIT is provided to make on job at a time
  • The ARC welding Table has welding Partition mounted on TOP of the Table having Removable Frame on three sides of the Table with Partition height of 580 to 620 mm
  • All JIGs/ Fixtures/Clamps can be inserted into any hole on the table for quick and accurate holding and mounting the job on the table.
  • KIT of Various Clamps and Accessories Set to make welding jobs is as mentioned Below (Quantity of each item will be supplied as per requirment ot make one job a time

KIT of JIGs / Fixtures Clamps suitable for welding table
  • Table mount C-Clamps Insert into any hole on the tabletop for quick pushdown clamping holding and mounting the job on the table.
  • Insert type clamps Insert into any hole on the table top for fast and easy clamping and holding the job on the table.
  • Stop and Clamping Squares This is to support the job vertically, can be used to elevate job. Specially used for various fit up applications in welding sheet metal box, Vertically mounted pipes / plates welding.
  • Stoppers This Stoppers are used for locating, and convenient positioning the job onthe table
  • * Stopper (Short - 25 mm)
  • *Stopper (Long - 50 mm)
  • D-Stop Bars It fixes the job location and position effeciently and then with the use of different clamps the job is fixed /removed form the table This are used with threaded adeptors.
  • V-Blocks It is used for fixing and aligning the round Parts on table
  • V-Spacer It is used for mounting V blocks for elevated pipe jobs on the table
  • Magnetic rests It is to be place anywhere on the table to hold, elevate and level the job.
  • Threaded adaptors Mount underneath tabletop to convert any table hole to an M10

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Gas Welding Table

Gas Welding Table

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Product Brochure

Welding Table Length900 mm
Welding Table Width600 mm
Welding Table Height750 mm


Heavy Duty M.S. Structure with Angle 45 x 45 x 6 mm

Welding Table Top has arrangement for keeping Fire Bricks of size 24 x 12 x 8 cm (Approx.)

Welding Table has arrangement for Gas Cylinder mounting

Welding Table has arrangement for mounting Positioner on one side of table with Turn Table with slots to keep JIGs for clamping the Job as required for Welding.

Positioner is Motorized with Speed Controller and is operated by Foot Switch.

Clamp is designed so as to HOLD THE JOB in any Position

Clamp is with Vertical and Horizontal pipe fixed with coupling to adjust Height and Length both with Horizontal pipe has One clamp to hold the Job.

Water Tank is made of Galvanized sheet , fitted to one end of the Welding Table

One Tool box is fitted to the welding table to keep all Gas Welding accessories

One Stand is attached to the Welding Table to keep Gas Welding Torch

The Welding Table has partition to keep all jobs and other items in the Table.

Extra Bricks is Provided in addition to the Bricks required for Table TOP(6 Nos.)

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